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ratemyhawk's Journal

rate my hawk
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A rating community about Your hawk

1. You MUST be at least 16 years old.
2.When you apply, fill out the entire survey and then post atleast 3 pictures of your hawk behind a cut and also make sure to put "rate my hawk" in the subject line. so i know you read the rules.
3.DO NOT comment on other people joining until you HAVE been accepted. This will get you banned.
4. This place will be as blunt as possible, so if you can't take it don't join.
5. If the entire ap is not filled out, your entry will be thrown away.
6. No promoting your "hot X communities" in here. i'll ban your ass on the spot.
7. This community is strictly about rating your hawk. Nothing else
8. Your ap will be up for 48 hours, within that time people will vote yes or no, if they like your hawk, you will stay or go depending on the votes.

with that said...

Hair height:
Hair color:
How long have you had your hawk:
What type of hawk do you have:
Worst thing your hawk has had to live through:
How many days has your hawk been up at one time:
Best comment youve gotten about your hawk:

post atleast 3 clear pictures of your hawk:

Accepted and Rejected list here:

<3 your mod berserk